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Koroška is considered the cradle of Sloveneness. Following the plebiscite of 1920, the greater part of Koroška (or Carinthia) became Austrian, with the result that the Slovenian Koroška region now consists of three valleys – the Meža, Drava and Mislinja valley – and three mountain ranges – the Pohorje, the Karavanke and the Savinjske Alpe.

Unspoilt mountain areas and forests with a well developed network of roads and paths offer a wealth of opportunities to explore the peaks of Peca and Raduha, the expanses of Uršlja Gora, Olševa, the Smrekovec chain, the Western Pohorje or Kozjak, and the slopes of picturesque Alpine valleys. These areas are particularly attractive to hikers and mountain bikers.

The medieval town centre of Slovenj Gradec – a Peace Messenger City – is home to the Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts and the Koroška Regional Museum. There is a unit of the Regional Museum in Ravne na Koroškem, which is also the location of the Dr Franc Sušnik Library, the central library of the Koroška region. Numerous other collections and exhibitions can be found throughout the region. The picturesque and variedarchitecture of the churches and chapels that can be seen on practically every prominent hilltop in the region reflects a large number of specific local characteristics, gives the landscape of Koroška its distinct identity and makes it one of the culturally most attractive parts of Slovenia.


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About Accommodation

In Slovenj Gradec and in the near area there are several hotels available for you. We reserved their capacities, so please make your reservations via telephone, if possible, or contact them by e-mail and inform them that you are a BiMatE participant.  


In case all capacities will be full, the organisers can provide you with contacts for Lukov dom in Kope, Slovenj Gradec.

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How to get to Slovenj Gradec

Slovenj Gradec lies in the northern part of Slovenia. Below you can find some information on how to reach it.

By air

The nearest international airports are:

Transfer from airport to Ljubljana:

By car

Slovenia and Slovenj Gradec can be reached via major motorways from Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. For detailed travel directions please consult your route planner (or use an online route planner: ViaMichelin or Google Maps). 

Please also note that for Slovenian motorways a vignette is required. For more information on vignettes please visit AMZS

By train

The nearest train stations to reach Slovenj Gradec are Velenje, Dravograd and Ravne na Koroškem. To plan your trip, please visit the Slovenian Railway website. For international visit please visit DB Bahn

By bus

Slovenj Gradec is well contected to other parts of Slovenia by bus lines. Below are listed links to bus stations Ljubljana and Maribor, and two major bus companies offering transportation to Koroška region. Participants arriving there can check the connections and schedules for Slovenj Gradec. 

For any help you are also welcome to contact the Organising Committee of BiMatE at